Persistent Connection
Stores for Everyone


Connect to external DBs of your choice, so you maintain control and ownership of your data. Supporting MongoDB, SimpleDB (more to come).


Although we do not offer a free tier, for evaluation purposes you may check our demo applications, the Premium mebership is a reasonable solution priced to cover merely the service costs.


CRUDr is platform-agnostic and can connect with any application that can authenticate using OAuth2:Websites, Mobile Apps, Online Games and much more.

The Benefits

Focus on your Application

Spend your time building apps, let us worry about the web sockets backend. Continiously monitoring and debugging realtime communication can be time consuming. You shouldn't spend your time doing sysadmin work.

Ready for Production

CRUDr has been around for a few years and has been tested in all sorts of "unusual" conditions. We've helped developers ship applications with commercial grade needs. Trust that the codebase is battle-worn and reliable.

Scale Seamlessly

Setup application that scale seamlessly as your realtime needs grow. Whatever you're building has at least one kind of data problem that calls for realtime updates. Spend more time constructing your data and less time planning your capacity.


Why no free plan?

We tried to sustain a free tier but every time we opened up the service our servers got swamped with abuse. We feel the premium membership is the right balance between creating a reliable service and offering a cost-effective solution.

Do I need a database?

Yes. We don't touch your data and you need to connect to a store you own. In the future we may offer storage if it's a popular request although we do feel respecting our user's privacy is a pinnacle goal.

Are you a backend server replacement?

With CRUDr you are alleviated from one of the main needs for a backend server: data lookup and storage. If that’s your only requirement of a backend then YES! In fact a lot of our clients are not web-based, like mobile or even desktop apps.

Can I have more control?

That's why we have the server offering. In fact not only we provide the complete source code, you also get a chance to participate in the development of the service!

Will you still be around in a few years?

We've already been doing this for some years, but you don't have to rely on our longevity. Your data is safe in your database and your app will continue to run indefinitely, regardless of the saas CRUDr. If you own a server, that's yours for life. Even if you just use the service you can always fallback to the open source component, which isn't going anywhere ;)

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